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Software testing is constantly evolving and always offers new opportunities for optimization and increased efficiency. With our webinar series we help you to stay up-to-date and to get the right introduction to this complex topic as well as to experience the latest advances directly. Experienced professionals from the world of cyber security and software testing will guide you through a one-hour session on a specific topic, which will be comprehensively prepared and followed up. Since each of these sessions also offers space for questions, we are sure that you will be able to put the ideas into practice immediately afterwards.

Our Next Webinar

Novel Techniques in Software Testing

3rd of November 2020 at 10am CET

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek will cover new techniques and interesting new ways to test your software stack in no time. Latest advances from automated computing allow us for the first time to remove a lot of overhead from tasks that needed to be performed manually beforehand.

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