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About ditCraft

We believe software is the most crucial resource to advance our digital society. We envision a world where reliable, sound and secure software is an ingredient in any digital device, responsible for automating decisions to aid society and individuals - paving the ground for a brighter human future.
Meet the makers

Our Team

With years of expertise in tech & entrepreneurship, we are a well-balanced founding team that has proven to transfer cutting-edge research ideas into products, validate the market, and identify the product-to-market fit. We have been working together for more than three years on versatile projects in the space of security, software engineering and blockchain.
Marvin Kruse
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CEO & Co-Founder

Marvin is a passionate entrepreneur and soft­ware engineer, mainly involved in decentralized systems, disruptive technology, and open source. With about 10 years of experience in software development and project management, as well as a strong background in entrepreneurship and lean startup methodologies, he is constantly seeking new ways to find and implement novel ideas and concepts to create value and growth, which is not only challenging but also a lot of fun - especially within a great team of motivated people.

He strongly believes that software will be the main driver behind the wave of digitalization during the next years, with technologies like blockchain, AI, or ML on the horizon. His goal is to contribute to a strong, secure, and safe foundation of our digital society.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Gajek
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Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Sebastian is a professor at Flensburg University and serial entrepreneur. He loves to create software innovation and transferred numerous R&D projects into corporate products. Sebastian holds 15+ patents and published 30+ papers in the field of computer science and cybersecurity. Sebastian founded the venture in 2016 - an IoT platform to empower machine-as-a-service businesses. The venture was exited in 2019.

He strongly believes digitalization is an opportunity for humankind if the underlying software proves to execute processes more efficiently than we do today. However, in his opinion, this requires much more technical diligence on the software.

Yannik Goldgräbe
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CTO & Co-Founder

Yannik loves to develop and transfer innovative ideas into great digital applications. His ambition lies in collaborative solutions for real-world problems provided by his creative and technical skillset - even for the most unpromising obstacles. During his Master's degree in Computer Science, he focussed on cybersecurity and blockchain, designing several cryptographic protocols and implementing them prototypical, but also researched in the area of human-computer interaction and medical visualization.

It's in his philosophy to have a positive impact through his work. Pushing and diminishing technical boundaries, both practical and in theory, is what keeps him going.

Our Mission

Making Things Possible

Developing software is a delicate and complex craft. Given the growing demand for software, tight delivery cycles and short budgets, the quality of software hardly meets the desired standards of correctness, security and reliability. To cope with the new challenges that today's software development faces, ditCraft empowers companies to boost the efficiency of their own development to a new level while keeping the costs low. We strive to make software testing the basis of every good quality assurance strategy in order to reach software excellence while balancing customer satisfaction and business expenses.

Learning and growing together

Our Advisors

A very well-known proverb says: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - which is something that we really take seriously. Especially when one has big plans, it is important to surround oneself with smart and talented people and to allow them to help. That is why we are constantly seeking to improve our network of advisors and experts from the broad field of software testing.
Lalitkumar Bhamare

Advisor for Software Testing

Lalit is a critical thinker, a professional software tester for over a decade. He currently works at XING GmbH & Co.KG, Germany as Sr. Test Engineer. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Editor of popular software testing magazine "Tea-time with Testers" and also the co-creator of the Global State of Testing survey project.

Lalit is a software testing and quality coach, international keynote speaker, and with his passion for taking testing craft ahead, he has selflessly contributed to numerous initiatives in the global software testing field over the years.

Mirko Ross

Advisor for Cyber Security

Mirko is not only an established Cybersecurity Researcher and Member of the ENISA IoT Security Expert Group, but also a passionate entrepreneur with years of expertise in IoT and Industry 4.0.

As an advisor, Mirko will support with input on cases matching his expertise and promote the combined goal of high-quality code.

Stefan Friese

Advisor for DevOps

For 16 years, Stefan has worked as a development and test team lead, test manager, performance tester, and software engineer. In his current role, he works as Senior Software Engineering Manager at HERE Technologies and leads a development team that builds enterprise-scale services for test and release automation.

Stefan advocates Continuous Testing - he believes that one of the greatest mistakes is to treat testing as an afterthought.

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