Get an Expert Review of Your Code

Build what really matters and focus on your core product. Leave the testing to our experts, who will provide custom-tailored feedback and recommendations.

Reduce Development Costs of up to 30%

A common practice is to review the code in an 4-eye or round-table manner, blocking the development team of any other important tasks typically for an entire day. Spend your developer resources on the core product - we'll handle the rest.

Build Faster and Release Quality-Assured Products

Save time reviewing code and shorten sprint cycles such that the development team ships the product faster. Meet the high quality assurance of your customers and mitigate the risk of technical debt and liability.

Reconcile Expensive Bug Bounty Programs

Save time & money for expensive bug bounty campaigns with contingent findings. Let our experts review code from the beginning. The continuous review at lower code complexity significantly increases the chances of finding errors and security vulnerabilities.

Find Errors & Vulnerabilities a Machine Won’t Detect

Automated testing is able to do a lot - but a human will always be better. Our experts find bugs, security vulnerabilities and human errors that a machine won't be able to detect at all - taking you one step ahead of companies solely relying on automated testing.

Get Expert Recommendations, Not Only Bug Reports

It's good to know whether your code is bug-free or not. But it's way better to really know what went wrong - and why. Our experts show you how to prevent bugs in the future.

Empower Your Team to Grow

Inspire your team to learn the best practice from renowned engineers, establish a quality-assuring team culture and create an environment for personal growth.

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How does it work?

You Build, We Provide Insights

As a company you have to take care of a lot, but there is always one thing where you excel in: building your product. Reviewing your code is an important, yet often underestimated task - so let us take care of it! Using our service, you provide us with the code snippet that you want to have an experts' opinion on, and we'll handle the rest. Within 24 to 48 hours you'll receive high-quality feedback and personalized recommendations from our experts directly to your inbox!

Don't compromise

Work With Proven Experts

Our network of reviewers consists of rigorously tested and specialized engineers who cover a wide variety of expertise. We leverage our novel scientific protocol to contribute to the vetting process while keeping them engaged by providing the right incentives for your code review, aligning both passion and skillset to match your projects individual needs.


Why Customers Trust Us

“Our solutions for fintech and insurance clients require the assurance of high software quality due to the legal and security regulations of the industries. ditCraft's on-demand code reviewing competencies helped us to achieve our client's quality requirements with ease.”
Florian Eismann
techdepartment ACS GmbH, Partner
“Code review as a service is a perfect solution for teams which are always juggling between feature development  and 100% code quality. ditCraft enables our developers to focus on adding business value without compromising on the code quality.”
Nitin Maslekar, PhD
Beets&Roots, CTO
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Don't distract your development team from what they do best: building your core product. Get an expert to review your code and receive personalized recommendations!