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ditCraft changes the software development experience, empowers decentralized autonomous project governance and incentivizes developers

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Decentralization Unites Software Development

ditCraft is a platform for developers to bond the power of the community. Each developer operates as an autonomous node in the ditCraft network. Feature, design and code proposals lead to a new state of the project. Participating nodes are asked to validate the contribution via a consensus protocol and receive token rewards for positive engagements.

ditCraft Solves Major Issues with Software Development

distributed and democratic governance for software projects

No single entity controls the code development. All contributions are acknowledged by the community.


Community-acknowledged code contributions are rewarded with tokens, leveraging novel crypto-economic protocols.


All development processes are vetted by the community through the democratic nature of voting.


dit supports all public and private git repositories
(e.g. GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket).


Developers rank their code crafting skills through peer-reviewing.


Apart from standard open-source licensing models (e.g. GPL, MIT), dit supports novel models based on Harberger licensing.

Knowledge Tokens (KNW) Power the ditCraft Network

ditCraft’s network is based on the idea that a peer’s individual knowledge and community contribution dominates over wealth. The ditCraft protocol uses a novel 2D-token model for governance, operation and peer growth.

Governance: The software project has no single owner anymore. All decisions regarding feature selection, merge or code validation are made by contributors through a democratic consensus mechanism.

Operation: The ditCraft token model uses a novel mechanism of game theory to secure honest behaviour of the contributors and measure their contributiveness. The stake of malicious actors is slashed, while good developers are rewarded - thereby holding proposers and validators accountable for their contribution.

ditCraft Revolutionizes the Software Development Life Cycle

Secure code

Code reviewing is delegated to the peers and a prerequisite before a new feature is merged. This mandatory peer-reviewing improves code quality, security and soundness.

Faster prototyping

Feature selection and prioritization occur already at early stages of the development cycle - achievable through peer-reviews.

Early adaptation

Peers are natural early adopters. Through the close collaboration the software project is customized to the needs of the community.


Active and helpful engagements in projects empowers developers to build up a reputation in the particular field of knowledge - quantified in KWN tokens - and grants additional privileges and governmental influence.


Successful contributions are rewarded with xDAI tokens and mint KNW tokens for specific expertise. Contributions contradicting the community standard lead to slashing of the xDAI stake and burning of KNW tokens.


Through the measurability of the network, both developers and projects can compete and compare their contributions. A ranking in terms of minted KNW tokens gives a community-vetted state of project and developer skills.


Join Our Community

ditCraft is all about the community. It is a 100% community based platform and without contributors, proposers and validators our vision of completely open and decentralised development would not be reachable. Therefore we are reaching out to YOU to join us. For discussions and everything around ditCraft, we have created the following communication channels which you can freely join:

We are working on communication inside of the platform as well. Feel free to contribute by checking out our repositories on GitHub.

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