The ditCraft technology stack consists of three components driving our mission to revolutionize software development. Namely these are the ditProtocol, the ditCLI and the ditExplorer. The combination of these important building stones represents the basis of our vision. While the ditProtocol constitutes the base layer of our ecosystem, the ditCLI and the ditExplorer are the interfaces to participate and interact with our protocol directly on the blockchain.


The ditProtocol resides at the core of our technology stack, based on the principles of science in the areas of motivational research and game theory. Being represented in the form of smart contracts on the blockchain, the ditProtocol is handling the governance and token economic parts of our vision.

The idea of the protocol is as follows: good actions are being rewarded while bad actions yield a punishment. In the case of a proposed code change someone who voted in favour of an accepted proposal will be rewarded with xDAI and receive so-called knowledge tokens. These knowledge tokens (also simply called KNW) can neither be traded nor bought - they can only be created (or burned) through the ditProtocol. But they also have a big impact: each knowledge token that someone holds will increase their weight in a vote. In the same way bad actions will be penalized by slashing some of their xDAI and the loss of knowledge tokens, thus decreasing the corresponding users voting power. With the introduction of these knowledge tokens into blockchain-based governance we create something very valuable: knowledge-based governance. The voting power of the participants is not defined through their wealth or computation power but instead through their knowledge.


The ditCLI is a terminal client combining the functions of the prominent git client with a blockchain wallet to empower a novel, token-based software development experience. We wrapped the git client directly in order to preserve the user experience and habits of the developers and added our blockchain-interfacing layer on top. Prior to merging a new feature in a branch, the community is asked to review, validate on vote on the acceptance/rejection, thereby earning a token reward for the work.


The ditExplorer web-application that serves as a visualization of all the proposals, repositories and contributors in the ditCraft ecosystem. It is a gateway between the ditCLI and the blockchain data it generates and allows for exploration and soon also interaction.  The on-boarding flow also leads the user through the ditExplorer, introducing them to all of our features.

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