Our Process

How It Works

We have implemented an efficient methodology to advance the quality assurance of our customers, empowering them to release software products with confidence. Our service offerings are complementary to the software testing processes already in place.

1. Understanding Your Process

During an initial workshop we strive to understand your software testing strategy and identify measures to reach the next level without significantly increasing the budget. Our experts explore opportunities to support you in the future and optimize the quality of your software.

2. Protecting Your Software & Property

You own the code and we know that your intellectual property needs to be protected more than anything else. We've got processes in place to find the best solution to protect you.

3. Safely Accessing Your Software

You control the access to your software. If you don't wish to give extensive access to your software, our customizable testing framework allows our experts to only access the parts of the code you approved - nothing else.

4. Finding Matching Talent

Through a novel and unique mechanism we continuously benchmark our engineers, validate their qualifications and pave the ground to establish a  relationship based on customer satisfaction and trust.

5. Getting Down to Business

Now that we have established the necessary measures it's time to execute! Our experts continuously support you in your testing process and note anything that comes to mind, whether it's a bug in your software, a possible improvement or any other recommendations that they might have for you.

6. Monitoring the Performance

As our client, you have instant access to a monitoring dashboard where you see the most important statistics, reports and findings on the status of your process and your software. Gain important insights with just one look!

Any Open Questions?

You have open questions or special requirements? Schedule a call with us and we will be happy to clear up any concerns you may have!