Our Vision

We believe software is the most crucial resource to advance the digital society. We envision a world where reliable, sound and secure software is an ingredient in any digital device, responsible for automating decisions to aid society and individuals - paving the ground for a brighter human future.

Our Mission

Developing source code is a delicate and complex craft. Given the growing demand for software, tight delivery cycles and short budgets, quality of software hardly meets the desired standards of correctness, security, reliability and documentation. To cope with the new challenges software development faces, ditCraft empowers developers to leverage the wisdom and support of the developer community. ditCraft‘s mission is to unite and mobilize the community with the aim to utilize their extra power in order to support software projects in need, which otherwise have not the capacity or visibility. With the aid of volunteering experts and an incentive model to compensate the efforts, ditCraft strives to provide a novel form of software excellence.